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One to accompany the puto during festivities, the kutsinta is as refreshing to the palate as it is to the eyes. Traditionally topped with freshly grated coconut, the kutsinta is but a representation of a happy childhood for most of us.

1/2 cup Glutinous Rice Flour
1/2 cup Rice Flour
2 tsp Lye Water
3/4 cup Brown Sugar
1 1/2 cup Water
1 drop Red Liquid food color
Butter at room temperature brushing muffin pan
Grated coconut, toppings
In a pan over low heat, heat water and thoroughly melt brown sugar. Do not boil.
Once melted, add lye water.
Mix the rice flour and glutinous rice flour, dissolve thoroughly.
Strain to remove lumps. Add the food color.
Grease muffin pans and pour mixture halfway through.
Steam for 25 minutes or until the top is set when touched.
Serve with a side of grated coconut.

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