Philippine Cuisine: Durian Candy

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Be mesmerized by its sweetness — a taste you could never imagine and an invention to dominate your taste buds. A candy for all the ages… durian candy.

Philippine Cuisine has now seen the greatness of durian candy. Its sweetness has captivated everybody – that means, locals and foreigners alike. Best as pasalubongs, this has been the best representation of Davao – aside from the fresh fruit, that is. Easy to carry, no foul smell and all you need is to peel the wrapper and pop it in your mouth. Yes, life is truly amazing!

Obviously, durian candy came from the durian fruit, a native fruit in the Southeast Asia and is widely known for its sweetness and foul smell. However, due to the creative minds of the Filipinos, they try to take durian into a different level. By making juices, shake, bread, cakes and even candies, the durian now has a different face.

4 cups of durian pulp
4 cups of sugar
2 cups of evaporated milk

Things you will need:
Mixing bowl
Stainless carajay
Wooden spoon
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Water cellophane

Step 1: Durian pulp – Durian candy’s main source is from the pulp of a durian. You will start by extracting at least 4 cups of it. But that actually depends on the volume of durian candy you want to make. Just imagine you’re making it for your kids, nephews, nieces, or grandchildren. Perhaps, you will need more of it in order to reach the desired taste of a durian candy.

This step will be also the hardest since you will need to find some durian fruits available in the market. Nevertheless, if you are in a rural place, much better to find a durian plantation near you. Acquiring durian from plantations can lessen your expenses and a fresher variety can be expected.

Step 2: Mix the sugar and milk –  There is a correct stroke of mixing ingredients. Try to search for it to get the best results. Remember, use the proper tools in mixing the milk and sugar. Take note of the balance of milk and sugar as well. Do not forget to ask guidance from the experts.

Step 3: Cook over low fire – The purpose of this is to control the milk and sugar metabolism while heated. You must try your best not to overcook to lessen the waste. Do not try to cook it with an intense fire. If it ever happens, you will have the hardest durian candy. While cooking, constantly stir it until the mixture thickens.

Step 4: Add the durian pulp – When the mixture becomes slightly thick, add the pulp and continue to stir it until it becomes hard and candy like in consistency.

Step 5: Mold the candy – Mold the cooked candy into any form you want. It could be rectangular, square or even round. It all depends on your own preference.

Step 6: Wrap them up – After you molded all of it, wrap those molded candies using water cellophane. You can also put it in a refrigerator to make it even hard. Store in airtight container.

Step 7: Serve the candies – Serve it for everyone and enjoy!

It’s a good thing that Filipino recipes have been evolving over the years. Try durian candy! It’s one of the best!

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