Philippine Cuisine: Lumpiang Shanghai

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Lumpia has now become a very popular food in the Philippines. It was originally called lunpia, which was derived from Hokkien. Lunpia was also an alternative name for popiah — a Chinese pastry brought to the Philippines. There are many kinds of it such as Vietnamese lumpia and Shanghai lumpia to name a few.

In the Philippines, lumpiang shanghai (Shanghai lumpia) dominates the floor of the clan of lumpia included in the new age of Philippine Cuisine. It has now been a favorite of many Filipinos because of its delicious and meaty taste.

Properties of Lumpiang Shanghai

Lumpiang Shanghai, also called spring rolls, is a dish made-up of ground pork or beef, carrots, spices, and minced onion. Together, they are mixed with a beaten egg. Blending it with sweet and sour sauce can truly elevate its taste. In some cases, banana ketchup substitutes the sweet and sour sauce.

Benefits from eating lumpia

Since lumpia has meat, it is also rich in protein. Protein is a nutrition known for building and repairing our muscle tissues. Calcium is also present which helps in brazening our bones. Vitamin A from carrots is also a big help in improving our eyesight.

Process of Preparing/Cooking

1.)    Combine all the ingredients  — ground pork or beef, carrots, spices, and mince onion. Make sure you have a well-balanced amount of each of the ingredients. Anyway, the volume of each ingredient depends on your own preference. You can always make your ground meat or carrots greater than other ingredients.

2.)    Wrap the combined ingredients using a lumpia wrapper into a long thin shape. (It is good to wrap only a tablespoon of ingredients.) Wrapping the lumpia is also a trick. Be careful to wrap the lumpia slightly tight, or else, your lumpia will surely turn into pieces.

3.)    Deep fry in a boiling hot oil until it becomes golden brown and crispy. Always be careful when you are frying a lumpia. Its crispiness is one of your main goals here. A non-crispy lumpia is indeed an inferior one. It loses every delicious aspect of a lumpiang shanghai.

4.)    Drain it well. When your lumpia is cooked, do not forget to drain the oil or else, it will definitely spoil everything. Excessive oil in foods makes it unpleasing to eat.

5.)    Cut the lumpia into shorter lengths before you serve it to your friends, family, or customers. Actually, this idea is subjective. It is up to you what sizes you wanted for your own lumpia. However, if you are in business, try your best to make it more appealing to your customers. Make it short but not too short.

6.)    Don’t forget to prepare your own sweet and sour sauce. In some cases, the sauce will elevate the taste of your lumpia. Make sure to create the most delicious sauce. However, if there is not much time in preparing, banana ketchup will do.

7.)    Serve the lumpia. Make sure that you will serve it at the start of the meal. Don’t try to serve the lumpia 20 minutes ahead of scheduled meal. For sure, it will lose its crisp and deteriorate its flavor as well.

Lumpiang Shanghai is a delicious food for everyone. It is easy to make and can be a food in any mealtime — breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It can also be served for snacks or pulutan (food eaten during while drinking liquor). It’s something we should know from the new age of Filipino recipes.

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